futility in three acts, 2011


visuals by Sieglinde Van Damme
music/sound by Cole Ingraham & Sieglinde Van Damme
(total playtime: 22'53" and looping)

The dictionary reference to void as “a feeling of want or hollowness” gave me a lead way into my next video.  Perhaps there was room for new opportunities, a desire to rebuild, a need to reconstruct?  This brought me to “futility in three acts”.

In the destructive first act I gather all my strength to smash empty wine bottles on my concrete studio floor and attempt to sweep them up simultaneously.  The broom appears to have a more symbolic function rather than a cleaning or healing one as the sweeping motion almost looks surreal, futile and abstracted.
The second act deals with reconstruction and realism, but is also influenced by time and generations.  Many struggles of our generation will go on to the next, just as we have inherited our share from those before us.
The third act is all about control in the act of reconstruction; I exercise control in “drawing” the reconstruction of the broken pieces.  But am I really drawing or am I sculpting?  As more lines appear value is created, a new unity defined. And yet the broken pieces still reminisce the bottle that once was and the transformation that proved to be irreversible.  No matter the act, the final result is still a collection of broken pieces.  It merely depends on the kind of pile you are willing to accept and what kind of futile act you are willing to engage in to get there.

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